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Calculate the Recommended Daily Allowance for your adult dog in 5 easy steps. For more information on how to compose your dog's own food, see FAQ or contact us using the contact form.

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How much is your adult dog's target weight?

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How active is your dog during the day?

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Step 3

Do you want to add bone to your dog's diet? Click here for more info.

Bone or no bone?

Would you like to use your bone (from BARF BUFFET® Turkey Carcass) as a source of calcium in your dog's meal or would you like to get the required calcium from the BARF BUFFET® VitaMin?

Bone from turkey carcasses has the advantage of being a completely natural product. Many BARF users swear by this 100% natural approach. We grind our turkey carcasses with our smallest possible knife in order to minimize the risk of injury in the esophagus or stomach.

Nevertheless, caution is advised when using bone, especially for smaller breeds as well as for dogs using raw meat for the first time. In any case, we recommend starting raw food users first go with boneless recipes and only after 1 month of feeding start using raw recipes with bone. Owners of smaller breeds (adult target weight <5kg) are recommended not to serve BARF BUFFET® Turkey Carcass.

In addition, we know that the intake of calcium from bone is not the same as that of calcium from BARF BUFFET® VitaMin, which means that dogs will sometimes absorb more calcium from bone, sometimes less. Therefore, we advise against the use of bone anyway for puppies (for whom a correct absorption of calcium is essential) and for other dogs for whom it is essential to get the correct Calcium / Phosphorus absorption.

Advice: Regardless of what you do, in case you wish to use bone, , we recommend that a maximum of ¼ of the recommanded daily allowance consists of BARF BUFFET® Turkey Carcass.
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Step 4

Do you want to add fruit and vegetables to your dog's diet? Click here for more info.

Veggies or no veggies?

Would you like to add fruit and vegetables (from BARF BUFFET® Veggie) to your dog's meal or would you like to go for a pure meat meal?

Fruits and vegetables are a natural source of carbohydrates, crude fibre, vitamins (A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B8, E, K, ...) and minerals (Potassium, Phosphorus, Calcium, Sodium, Magnesium, ...). These nutrients are essential for your dog's development. In nature, the wolf finds most of them in the stomach contents of its prey and it is therefore essential that your dog gets his portion of fruit and vegetables from time to time.

Some owners often want to give 100% meat. This is possible, as long as you don't forget to add some fruit and vegetables once in a while.

Advice: In case you wish to add BARF BUFFET® Veggie, we recommend that a maximum of ¼ of the recommanded daily allowance consists of BARF BUFFET® Veggie.
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Step 5

What source of protein do you want to use for your dog today? Click here for more info.

Which animal protein source?

The BARF BUFFET® range contains various meat mixes, all using a unique animal protein source. Most of the products we use come from local slaughter houses and cutting plants and were suitable for human consumption before being used in our production.

Momentarily we have three meat mixes:

  • BARF BUFFET® Chicken Mix: consists of 75% muscle meat, heart, skin and liver. This mix is easily digestible and ideal for active dogs.
  • BARF BUFFET® Beef Mix: consists of 32% heart, 30% rumen, lung, liver and fat. Thanks to the presence of rumen, this mix stimulates your dog's intestinal flora and is extremely tasty.
  • BARF BUFFET® Horse Mix: consists of 37% tongue, 31% muscle meat, lung, abdominal fat and liver. This mix is ideal for dogs with a food allergy.
Advice: Unless for some reason your dog needs one meat mix above the other, we recommend that you vary as much as possible between the various meat mixes. For example, horses are rich in alpha linolenic acid, beef is rich in iron and chicken is rich in linoleic acid. Mixing in this case ensures the optimal balance.




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These recommended daily amounts are only a guideline as dogs' needs vary. Therefore, adjust the recommended daily intake to maintain ideal body weight. This guideline also assumes that your dog eats nothing but this food. In the event that your dog receives snacks or other food on a daily basis, you should revise the recommended daily amount down.

Defrost before use, preferably 12 hours in the refrigerator. Once defrosted, mix well and keep for up to 24 hours in the refrigerator. Always provide fresh drinking water. Never change the feed at once, but gradually increase the dose of the new feed. Raw meat can contain pathogenic germs; take the necessary precautions. See FAQ for more information.